• Small Cutting Board

Protect your countertop with the Rada Small Cutting Board 3 Pack, a kitchen implement set that will come in handy with virtually any recipe!

This plastic cutting board is made from flexible white plastic that easily bends as you need it. Despite its flexibility, it’s durable, capable of withstanding countless cuts from your knives as you prepare meals of all kinds.

This flexible cutting board does more than protect your countertop; it can also be folded to funnel chopped and sliced foods into pots and pans.

These are so certain to be frequently used that you’ll be glad they come in a pack of 3! Cooking with multiple boards at once means you can more easily divide and track your ingredients, making meal preparation that much easier.

Their flexibility and size makes them easy to wash and store, while they also easily disinfect to remove bacteria. Try these, and you’ll agree that it’s the best small cutting board on the market.

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Small Cutting Board

  • Brand: Rada Cutlery
  • Product Code: CB3
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $6.60